New batch starting:
Date: 1st and 16th of every month
Duration per session: 90 mins
Course Duration: 30 days
Training Platform: Google Meet or Zoom


Rasa Chatbot Training
1. Introduction
– Introduction to chatbots
– What is NLP
2. Setting up the environment and Installation
– Creating an environment
– Installing all the packages and dependencies for rasa chatbot
3. Migrating from Rasa 1.x to 3.x
4. Building your first Rasa chatbot with UI
– Build a simple chatbot with full functionality with UI
5. Understanding NLU and CORE
6. Choosing a pipeline
7. Components
8. Entity Extraction
9. Stories
– Creating stories for the bot
– Adding checkpoints
10. Domain
– Understanding the flow of domain
– Adding Entities, intents, slots, etc
– Adding images, buttons, etc to the response
11. Responses
– Adding the static Bot’s response
– Adding the dynamic bot’s response
12. Actions
– Adding dynamic link to the bots reply
– Adding the dynamic buttons through an API
– Updating the Excel sheets with custom actions
13. Slots
– How to fill the slots
14. Forms
– Creating the form with slot prefrences
– Filling the slots with input from user without an intent
– Correct way to write story with the forms
15. Interactive Learning
– Creating the stories in interactive mode
16. Api integration with Rasa chatbot
– Updating and reading data from Firebase database in real-time
17. Storing collected data to database
– Read data from database
– Write Data to the database
– Update Data to the database
18. Duckling in Rasa
– Entitiy extraction for,
– Date
– Number
– Amount
19. Integrating rasa chatbot to facebook messenger
– Setting up the rasa bot on to the facebook messenger for automation.
20. Reminder and External Events
– Setting up a remainder with rasa chatbot
21. Fallback actions
– FallbackPolicy
– TwoStageFallbackPolicy
22. Deployment of rasa chatbot to the live server
– Deployment to the Heroku server
– Deployment to GCP (Google cloud platform)
– Deployment of Rasa chatbot to any website through
23. How to connect rasa chatbot to whatsapp
24. How to automate rasa chatbot to send text messages.

1. Home Automation with rasa chatbot
2. Deploy rasa chatbot to your custom website
3. Deploy Rasa chatbot on to a global server


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