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In this blog, you will learn,
– What is Python Kivy?
– Python Kivy Life Cycle

In this series, you will learn how to build your own application with python kivy.

What is Python Kivy?

Python Kivy is free and open-source python framework that allows us to develop cross-platform applications. Python kivy is capable for building application for desktop, android and IOS. Kivy is developed such that it is fast, encourage reusability of code, easy development and deployment of application. Python Kivy also provides support for various types of input feeds like keyboard, mouse, multi-touch events, etc. Kivy runs on Linux, Windows, OS X, Android, iOS, and Raspberry Pi.

python kivy

Python Kivy Life Cycle

With kivy you can create your own application and also you can add different widgets to your application. After the code is done, to execute the program run() method is called. When the run method is called it will generate create a window that will act as a container that will hold all the widgets and it is also know as the layout. All the widgets that you want to show on the output window are taken care by the build() method. on_start() method is called just before the application starts to start it.

After the application starts, there are three options that an application can choose to start, stop or resume the application those are on_stop(), on_pause() and on_resume. on_stop() method is call when you want to start the stopped or terminated application. on_pause() method is called to rerun the application. on_resume() method is called to pause(or change the state) the application.

This is a complete working life cycle of kivy and you can see the flow chart above to understand it more clearly.

Also you can watch this video for more clarification.

I hope you have enjoyed the introduction of python kivy and you have learned so many new things today. But this is just the beginning. In our next blog you will learn all about the brief description and practical working of kivy. Also check our playlists to learn how to build rasa chatbot, python programming, Internet of things

So stay tuned and for now Happy Learning. 😀

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