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In this blog you will learn,
1. How to connect git repository to RasaX on Google Cloud Platform
2. How to Update the project on git repository
3. How to share the bot to anyone.

In the previous blog, you must have learnt how to deploy Rasa X on the live server(Google Cloud Platform), but there we missed one very important thing that is to have a project for the Rasa chatbot which was actually not deployed in the last blog. So, in this blog you will learn how to link your Rasa project on Git repository to the Rasa X on Google cloud platform.

connect git repository to Rasa X on Google Cloud Platform

Now I’m assuming that you already deployed Rasa X on Google cloud platform like we did in the last blog and as shown below:

Here, you must have seen that you have successfully deployed Rasa X on google cloud platform but you don’t have any Rasa project linked or build on to the current VM instance and on to the Rasa X you have a new option as “Not connected” which you usually don’t get on your local system on running Rasa X as shown here:

Rasa X on Google Cloud Platform

This option is specially used for linking your Rasa project (which is on your git repository) to Rasa X on GCP VM instance. In this blog, you will understand how you can link your git repository to Rasa X but before that make sure that you already have your rasa project on github/gitlab. Once you have a git repo, now t ake your cursor to Not Connected and you will see an option to Connect to a Repository just click on that.

Now it will ask you for the ssh URL and the target branch. Here target branch will be the branch where you have pushed your code. It can be master or it can be anything that you will create and push your code to. In my case it’s master and if you have created a new repository then yours must be master only. To get the ssh URL go to your git repository and click on code and select SSH. It will show you SSH URL just copy that.

Now, you have both the SSH URL and target branch. Now you have to copy the SSH deploy key given to you which you have to add to your remote git repository so that it can get a remote access to your project. Now you have to add the ssh deploy key, for that follow the steps given here,

  1. Go to settings of your profile

2. Go to SSH and GPG keys

3. Now create a New SSH key

4. Now add the details it is asking for and once you will click on add ssh key it will ask you to verify your password for your github/gitlab. once it is done you will have a ssh key added you your git repo.

5. Now, go back to Rasa X and fill all the details asked for connecting to git repo and click on verify connection.

In the above images you can see that your rasa chatbot is linked successfully to the git repository. Now you can verify your project data on rasa x and train it to test the working of your bot.

If everything went right and you didn’t get any error then you will get your bot working fine as shown below,

Also check this video for more clarification:

Now you can see that your bot is working as per the project that you have on your git repository which we just linked to Rasa x on Google Cloud Platform. Now we have successfully linked git repository to Rasa X on google cloud platform.

For any doubts or queries related to the Linking git repository to Rasa X on google cloud platform feel free to leave a comment below in the comment section. Also, do comment your valuable feedback to appreciate us. For any further information or queries, you can also WhatsApp me at +91 8209829808.

Stay tuned and happy learning. 😉


  1. Hi Ashish,
    Thanks for detailed information.

    Facing one issue. not able to get response from bot in GCP. Model is trained and active and connected to git repo successfully.

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